Welcome to the RoMetEx/WUT WRF-ARW Model website !

HREWS SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION #1  – Main Menu –> Operational Runs –> HREWS-CTL


                 We are proud to announce that the RoMetEx WRF-ARW Model has received a great support from West University of Timisoara and it is running from the HPC BlueGene Supercomputer, administrated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

                 The current operational model implementation is the HREWS system (High Resolution Early Warning System) which is run 4 times/day (once every six hours) for 72 hours in advance, at a grid-point resolution of 3.5 km. To view model products and to find out more, follow the upper menu “Operational runs —> HREWS*”.

For now, only the control run is running, the operational instance will be started in the next weeks.

The old RRWRF system was replaced by HREWS – RRWRF V2 is the current HREWS-CTL run


Current operational model instances :

- version: 0.10 b
- status: running
- running on: BlueGene Supercomputer.